Tips to Finding Your Favorite Characters at Disney World

Traveling to Disneyland

Visiting the mouse is a fantastic experience and although going to Disneyland with the can be the stuff that dream vacations are made of, you may want to think about a trip to Disneyland sans the kids. It may sound foolish and even a little selfish but there are many people who choose to visit Disneyland without the kids. Disneyland is a wonderful place for a honeymoon. Start planning in advance and you will be able to take advantage of specials and you will have your choice of many places to stay. You can add a cruise with your visit to Disneyland and make it a honeymoon trip you will never forget.

Disneyland can be the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary also. Recapture the magic in an enchanting place and you will have lots of time to enjoy all the sites. Without the kids you will not have to worry about schedules and you will be able to visit any of the attractions any time you choose.

Disneyland for adults is fun because there are actually resorts for those who are traveling without the kids. Treat yourself to restaurants that you may not eat in when the kids are present.

When you travel to Disneyland with your partner you can kick back and relax by the pool with a drink. It is a really fine way to put a little pizzazz back into your marriage.

Although visiting Disneyland with the kids is a fabulous experience you can also have the time of your life when you plan a vacation that does not include them. Have fun, set your own timetable and relax with the most famous mouse in the world when you visit Disneyland.

Here are the top 3 attractions of Disneyland, which you should never miss.

Splash Mountains: One of the best rides which you could undergo even during the day or at night. Splash Mountains are one of those places where you could ease out your stress, and put aside all your strain and live the ride for the moment. The pleasure it provides you is immeasurable. The ride turns out to be very entertaining as you focus on the foxes and bears chasing the rabbits. A perfect family ride and a perfect recipe for recreation.
Star wars: anyone who had followed “Star Wars” movies would like to chase the adventure that erupts from a ride on a space ship. A star ship is piloted by a robot, a rough ride and a hectic one too. You would go to Endor moon through lots of deviation before you eventually finish a tour.
Space Mountain: For somebody who prefers an adrenaline pumping fast ride, this is just what you had been searching for. A very fast ride through stars and moons could be very exciting.

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