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There is plenty to see at Disney World from their great musical shows to their parades and also fireworks plus other special events. There is a lot but what if you are a first time tourist in this place, where would you start and where would you stop? Below are some of the top attractions and also things to do at Disney World;
1. Rock and Roll Coaster – this is one of the top twenty list of attractions to visit. It has a rock star storyline and also tops out at fifty-seven miles an hour. This coaster will definitely be a favorite for your teenagers plus they will like the attraction that is opposite them which is at the bottom of Sunset Boulevard.
2. Magic Kingdom; Splash Mountain – this is also one of the most popular attractions and very quirky. You might assume that it is about a big drop on a log flume ride but actually the majority of the ride wind past figures of Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit to a tune of a song about laughing place.

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