Step By Step Guide To Planning a Family Reunion at Disneyworld

Can you not recall the last time all your relatives got together? Perhaps, it is time to plan a family reunion. What better place than to have one at the happiest place on earth? Yes, we are talking about Disneyworld family reunion. Already excited just by thinking about it, here is a step by step guide to help you make the arrangements for a stress-free family reunion.

For starters, you need to recruit some people to form a committee as planning a family reunion at Disneyland is not a one-man job. Lots of brainstorming goes into planning and the more people working on it, the more efficient and less stressful the process of planning will become.

Once you have a group of dedicated people gathered to take up the responsibility, the first task involves checking in with the weather. For those who don’t already know, Florida’s weather can be very unpredictable. One minute it is all sunny and bright and the next it is raining cats and dogs. Checking in with the weather will help the group decide what clothes to pack and which ones to leave behind.

Next, you need to book the dates. Since it is going to be a family reunion, it involves many people. Booking dates that everyone can schedule their vacations around will be very tricky but achievable if you hint about the family reunion at every occasion you meet. When travelling in large groups, it is best to schedule the trip off season to avoid massive crowds and enjoy all rides and recreational spots.

Once you have booked the dates, move on to booking hotel reservations. Now, since there is more than just one theme park in Disneyworld, you need to reserve hotel rooms in one which is in or closest to the theme park you plan to visit the most. Ask for group rates when making reservations there are many discounts that can be availed, dedicated for large family gatherings.

While at it, be sure to check out the dining arrangements nearby. Unless the resort you will be staying in already provides it, be sure to reserve tables in advance so that the whole group can enjoy meals together and bond.

A bonus tip: Choose restaurants that offer buffet dining as not everyone will have the same taste buds especially if most of your guests are coming from out of state or country.

Once all that is reserved, next comes the most trickiest and time-consuming part –planning an itenery. Having a go to plan will make it a whole lot easier to keep the group in one place. A preplanned itenery (emailed to all the guests) will prepare them beforehand as to what to expect once there.

Keep in mind to not book too many events in a single day as not everyone will be able to cope up with the tough schedules as you. There will be many people in the group who would prefer doing their own thing so the itenery can’t be very rigid either.  After all, the whole point of a family reunion is to make the most of the time spent in the magical world.

Most importantly don’t forget to enjoy. Make the most of the PhotoPass studios and Memory Maker to click as many snaps as you can so that when you leave, you have something to take back with you other than cherished memories.

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